GDPR Privacy Policy

What exactly is personal data? According to the Swedish Data Protection Authority, it is all kinds of information that can be linked to a living person. In other words, a very great deal. But to clarify: your name, e-mail address, telephone number, IP address, cookies etc. are classified as personal information.

Companies that collect data are obliged to inform about this, as well as what data we collect and what we use it for. But also how you can access it and how you are able to delete your information.

How does Dovra process personal data?


Dovra as personal data controller
Dovra Group AB is responsible for the processing of your personal data.

Organization number: 559216-4825
Postal address: c/o ADMIT EKONOMI AB BOX 1631, 701 16 Örebro, Sweden
Contact person: Johan Ingvarsson

We collect data via cookies.

We place cookies in your browser when you visit us on the internet. We use them to get statistics and behaviour. This information is saved so that we can give you a better experience and to be able to save information you entered yourself. With this information, we can see which pages are most visited, the number of visitors, how long the visitor is in and what they do. We use Google Analytics, Google Search Console and Google Tag Manager.

We collect data for marketing purposes

With the aid of tags and pixels, we save information about your visit, so that we are able to use it in segmented marketing. Then we can more easily ensure that you as a user get the right information for you. Tags found on the website are from Google Ads and pixels that are installed are for Facebook and Instagram.
All information we save via the pixels is anonymous, as we do not save any personal information. The information collected can be used by the companies to which the pixels and tags refer.

You as a customer

When you make an order or initiate a collaboration with us at Dovra, we save your information in order to be able to carry out the assignment correctly. Your information is saved in our internal system. In some cases, we can also save information for our customers, which is used in communication.


If you are looking for a job or internship with us, you would usually send in a CV with personal information. This can also be done via a form on the website where you also fill in your name, telephone number and e-mail address. We always save e-mail and files from you, as we wish to keep them in case we have a need to hire again. If you want us to no longer save your information, please contact us.

Contact form

If you send in information via our contact form, you fill in your name, telephone number and e-mail address. We always save e-mail and files from you. If you want us to no longer save your information, please contact us.


Partners and suppliers
We operate our own website via a sub-processor, which means that information that is on or about our website can be seen by them. Some of our systems are cloud-based, in which case information is transferred to that sub-processor. We have partners both inside and outside the EU / EEA. This means that data may be processed in other countries so that we can carry out our work correctly.


What do we do if something happens?
Should any information be leaked from our systems, we will in the first instance contact the Swedish Authority for Privacy Protection within 72 hours to inform what has happened. We then inform the parties involved, in order to set up an action plan together with our partners.


Viewing your information
You can contact us at any time to view the information we store about you.